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Amy de la Cruz

I am Mexican-American, I am 23 years old and I am currently finishing my degree in Psychology.

From a very young age, even before the first birthday, I was always with crayons and filled with sheets or notebooks to draw. I remember once painting a whole Frida Kahlo book, which my older sister had, with pure kittens. I think that from that moment I discovered one of my passions.

My personality is based on being introverted and sometimes serious. That does not mean that I have socialization problems as is believed of introverts, rather it means that I work more with my internal aspects than with the external ones.

I am a person who has always been attracted to art, music, cinema, series, drawings and even writing. One of my big dreams is to be able to be a writer and to be able to develop a novel that I have in mind. Certain people who have inspired me to write are: Rupi Kaur, Elvira Sastre, Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King.


My life was also a black stain on a white canvas, but then someone took me to the museum and called me art. Maybe it's just about finding who is still looking at you when you close your eyes.” -Elvira Sastre


One of my characteristics is that they know me as“the down girl”, I adore everything that has to do with pens, pencils, colors, markers, everything that can give me a boost to my creativity. 

Since I have a notion of consciousness, I think that what characterizes my drawings or style is the lack of color or how little color they have, but the emotion they convey is still quite intense. I usually show my emotions in what I want to capture. I use a lot of pencil or pen to draw pictures but lately I am trying digital drawing. I know that each of them can transmit a piece of my life, since each of them have a specific moment through which they go through or what they feel.


“Someone who understands what I mean when I keep quiet. -Elvira Sastree


Welcome to my world.


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