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Hi, I'm Llera! An enterprising, fighting woman, brown, creative, perfectionist in my work, I seek to enjoy life to its fullest and always have a good attitude.

I think it all started when I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life as a designer, and I found that many people later did not know how to express a feeling through objects, and that is where I appeared.

At the beginning of my young age, at school they asked me to make models, to fulfill the task, but I was always inspired by the idea of giving it a 180 ° turn, to comply with what they asked me but at the same time be something surreal and that it was easy to remember using daring materials, out of the ordinary and that at the same time were recycled.

After seeing the real success I had to do this kind of thing and that people remembered in their entirety, I knew that I had already found my talent but I had to put more to the test, to really achieve my dream, which begins by sharing with you, and putting all my heart to make it an excellent project.

Welcome to my world.