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Dania loera

I am a student of Communication Sciences and there is nothing better than transmitting what I feel through design.

Almost everything I think, believe or perceive, I communicate in art, because an image is worth a thousand words ...
My mom was a great graphic designer, I still remember clearly the dedication with which she did my elementary and middle school projects. The cartoons, colorful, creative and full of love made me want to recreate that quirk too. However, despite following it, I do not have a fixed style, rather it is the basis to be able to continue with a brainstorm that travels in my head all the time.

My great inspiration has been this great woman, who taught me practically everything I know. She was my art teacher and she taught me that you can find extraordinary things even in something so ordinary.

I am a very active person, it is impossible for you to see me in one place for so long, I always try to do several things at the same time and my mind is always full of ideas (ideas that sometimes I don't even understand).

I consider myself an outgoing person who is not afraid to show what he feels. They usually say that my joy is contagious, I am like the color yellow in person.
This behavior is reflected in what I do, both in my designs and in my daily life.

Welcome to my world.