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Fer Zurita

What's up!

My name is Fer and I am 22 years old. I am currently studying communication because I really like the part of expressing and being yourself in a creative way that draws attention through art and design. I am very interested in transmitting and giving ideas so that people identify and enjoy themselves.

I love minimalist art, I like the concept of “less is more”.

I try to use various techniques and base my designs on everyday life experiences in a rather peculiar way.

I love designing because since I was little I have had a lot of contact and a lot of fascination for art, colors and paintings. I've never gotten tired and it's something I could do every day, I really enjoy doing it. It seems to me that it is something essential in life. I think it is important to look for"your canvas"and take advantage of it, I mean, art is relative and, along with that, style.

Everything your way is better.

What better than to have a garment with a cool design that you identify with and love?

Welcome to my world.