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Allan Iragorri

I am a 28 year old guy, passionate about music, nature, animals and art.

From a very young age I loved everything that helped develop my creativity, motivated in my childhood by a Montessori system, I always had a taste for art in most of its presentations.

I always liked painting, it is a process that I enjoy, that relaxes me and allows me to freely express all kinds of feelings and emotions that I cannot do with words.

Every time I create something new, there is always music, my other great passion. Before starting, I think about what song, artist/group I will use to inspire me, depending on how I feel at that moment.

Genres like Celtic, classical crossover, pop and new age, greatly influence my work; Instruments such as the violin, the piano and powerful and soft voices of many artists that I admire, are embodied in my work.

Even with fears and insecurities, I consider myself a positive person who tries to see the best in every situation, a dreamer, and always willing to listen and learn.

I consider my work contemporary, using vibrant colors with a subtle contrast of different shades.

Welcome to my world.

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