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Paulina Cosme

I am a proudly Mexican girl of Greek origin who since childhood has been passionate about the art and creativity of the human being.

I remember my mom collecting Camel packs and postcards and Coca-Cola bottles, and the advertising and design of these two brands inspired me to take that path.

I consider myself or catalog myself as a closet geek because I am passionate about video games, movies such as Harry Potter or Marvel and DC, I am a fan of comics and all theories and others I investigate them, it is what I do in my spare time if I am not painting; I'm also fascinated by 90's cartoons and Kennan and Kel-style shows.. 

A characteristic of mine is that I am always full of paint because colors, painting and art are my way of getting out of the comfort zone and expressing to the world a feeling that you cannot explain in words.
Minimalism is one of my favorite trends par excellence, as is Mexican Huichol art.

I am passionate about Mexican culture because of so many customs, costumes and millions of bright colors that you can find, Mexico has a history and customs like few others. Like this one, Greek history fascinates me, and with it all its art, sculptures, etc.

For this reason, being able to combine something classic like a David with a modern style such as watercolors or minimalism is possibly one of the most incredible abstractions that can result, as they are combinations that never fail.
This is why I am inspired and based on these wonderful cultures and trends to create something new, something innovative that maybe at first glance or in the first instance does not attract, but that is what art and design are for, that only with something visual We can cause a thousand and one feelings

Welcome to my world.


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