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Sofie feregrino

¡What a pleasure to have you here!

¡Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for take off!

I am Sofie, and in addition to being an aviation flight attendant, I am an engineer, communication scientist, flight attendant instructor and pilot-in-training.

Join me on this incredible journey called life, to grow, learn and enjoy to the fullest together.

📍🌎  62 countries and counting

¿Who is Sofie Feregrino?

I am a Business Engineer graduated from ITAM, I am currently studying Online Digital Communication and the career of Private Aviator Pilot.

I have worked in three different airlines: the best low-cost airline in Mexico, the flag carrier of my country and the best airline in the Middle East, in which I stayed on the first try.

With more than five years of experience in aviation, it has led me to participate in many recruitments for different airlines in Mexico and internationally.

Currently I teach training courses for aviation flight attendants and I give recurring courses for a prestigious Mexican airline.

In addition to being a content creator where I share, through my social networks, all my experience in aviation as well as what life is like in Dubai.


¿Why by feregrinoo”?

This incredible collaboration between Vidano and By Feregrino is inspired by dreams that later become achievable goals.

In my case, the first time I operated a flight as a flight attendant, I set the goal of flying with the best airline in the world or becoming a commercial aviator pilot. I've already done one, now I'm going for the second.

The paper airplane symbolizes the simplicity of dreams, the little work involved in folding a sheet of paper and turning it into an airplane. This should be easy to raise, land and plan our dreams to turn them into achievable goals.

With these products, all I want is that you find the way to accomplish everything you set your mind to and serve as daily motivation that complements your style.